Content strategist and style blogger from Kansas City. She’s got a smart mouth and a serious shoe problem.

Le Stylo Rouge  /  Twitter  /  Instagram


Graphic designer from Jackson by day, fashion blogger by night. Lover of yoga, sleeping, and anything style- related.

The Fashionable Wife / Twitter / Instagram


Works in finance to support her fashion addiction. Lives in North Carolina with her husband and lab pup, Lilly.

Head to Toe Chic / Twitter / Instagram


Wife, mom, and entrepreneur from Mississippi. When she isn’t traveling, she is managing social media and freelance writing.

The Hive / Twitter / Instagram


A regular girl from Miami with a regular budget, and a serious love of fashion.  Loves leopard, lace-ups, and gold.  

PinkSole / Twitter / Instagram


A Charlottesville lifestyle blogger who drinks her fair share of coffee, eats a lot of peanut butter, and is a dry shampoo connoisseur. She enjoys a good patio and spending time with her teacup Yorkie, Knox.

Back Home Blue / Twitter / Instagram


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